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Payment Method

The optikonxpress.com has the following ways of payment:

  • With cash on delivery via courier

For orders over the 50€ the shipment and the cash on delivery are for free.

  • With cash deposition into the bank account of our company (it appears during the order)

Your order will be shipped with the confirmation of your deposition from the bank.

  • Via PayPal  or Credit/ Debit card

If you choose to pay via PayPal or Credit/ Debit card you will be transferred, in both cases, to the safe environment of PayPal, in which you choose

  1. either to log in your account in PayPal and pay directly
  2. or to choose paying with any credit/ debit card, always into the safe environment of PayPal, without requiring to create a PayPal account. To accomplish that, maybe it will be needed to choose in the website where you will be transferred, that you have not a PayPal account and you do not wish to create a new one.

For example: see the appropriate images